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Interactive Mulimedia Design Services

Interactive multimedia design encompasses web, graphic, video, or a combination of various media. Regardless of what type of media it takes to interact with your clients. We’ve got you! Additionally, we have professional designers, programmers, copywriters, and video production specialists on staff.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

V.i.Vs Design uses Graphic design principles throughout all of the media designs we create. Our focus is on ensuring that our work is aesthetically pleasing as well as ADA compliant. We can pretty much handle most smaller graphic design jobs. Using Adobe industry-standard software for our design creation, we understand the design world. Accustomed to dealing with print shops, other designers, and 3rd party vendors, we can speak the lingo for you. Most of our graphic designs are part of our other services. However, we do take on individual jobs on a case by case basis.

  • Print or online ad designs
  • Business & postcard designs
  • Flyer & email blast design
  • Logo design

Interactive Media Design

Interactive Media Design

Interactie multimedia design combines web, graphic, social media, video, and print media to create an engaging end product. Often our multimedia designs are video-based. However, there are times we do have learning modules that we can build by combining text, images, and video. As well as by adding quizzing features and functionality.Additionally, providing an interactive experience to end-users.

We also ensure that we create high-quality resolution appropriate designs. Whether you need a vector image, a raster image, 4k video, MP4, or a native file format, we understand. Let us speak the design lingo for you.

Interactive multimedia design

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